Sanmina has deep industry expertise in computing, storage, communications, medical, industrial, retail vending, clean energy, defense & aerospace, multimedia & gaming OEMs.

Sanmina Enables ISVs

Sanmina designs, manufactures and delivers purpose built reliable hardware platforms for leading software companies enabling them to focus on their IP.


Sanmina is the leader in high technology, fully integrated manufacturing and delivery solutions for broadband routers, switches, RF filters and radio, long haul wireless, wireline and advanced optical network infrastructure equipment.

Computing & Storage

Sanmina designs and builds advanced storage and storage servers for high performance computing, banking, cloud and social media using virtually any configuration of off the shelf and custom hardware.

Medical Systems

Medical OEMs trust Sanmina to design & build their embedded computing systems for patient diagnosis, monitoring & treatment using FDA registered and ISO 13485 compliant systems.

Clean Energy, Industrial

OEMs in mission critical highly regulated industries trust Sanmina to design and build their embedded computing, network, industrial control and storage systems.

Multimedia & Gaming

Complete turnkey design and manufacturing examples include casino gaming systems, set-top boxes, vending machines and content delivery appliances.

Our experience with embedded & network computing solutions in the OEM and ISV space spans many verticals and product types. In addition, we leverage Sanmina’s deep industry expertise in communications, medical, industrial, clean energy, defense & aerospace, multimedia and gaming. Not only do we manufacture products from the ground up, we provide the custom embedded compute or integrated systems to support them.