Sanmina 4.0: Intelligence in & Beyond the Factory

Industry 4.0, IIoT, automation, M2M communication & cloud data enable faster time to market, efficient global supply chains and optimized cost & quality.

Time to Market - Infrared Diagnosis

Sanmina’s state of the art failure analysis suite enables faster time to market by reducing fault isolation and diagnosis time on complex PCBAs by a factor of 3.

Time to Market: Factory Simulation

Advanced simulation tools are used to design manufacturing processes, & production lines, designing layouts with confidence in half the time.

Time to Market: One IT System

One IT and Quality Management System developed centrally and deployed globally enables faster ramp to production volume in 75 facilities worldwide.

Demand Management: “What-if?” Analysis

New buys, cancellations, reschedules and E&O are visible within hours of a new forecast being received using “What-if?” analysis on advanced IT systems.

Global Supply Chain Visibility: SOMS

Sanmina Operations Management System enables real-time monitoring of throughout, yield & WIP globally using cloud based factory visualization.

Cost & Quality Optimized: No Touch Automation

Sanmina designs & operates fully automated, highly repeatable & cost effective lines producing hundreds of millions medical & automotive products annually.

Cost & Quality Optimized: Task Automation

At Sanmina hundreds of task automation cells optimize quality and cost. Many have vision systems and upload data to electronic quality records.

Cost Optimization: Automatic Guided Vehicle

Component delivery is proactive, predictive & automated due to interoperability between SMT lines, warehouse systems and automatic guided vehicles.

Quality: M2M Communication & Process Control

Solder Paste Inspection machines & Screen Printers communicate to automatically maintain solder paste application within defined limits.

Quality: Compliance & Vision Verification

Vision Systems interoperating with 42Q & optical character recognition libraries detect missing components, verify component orientation & label content.

Quality: Traceability & Test Result Upload

Manufacturing equipment interoperability transmits component part number, serial number, date codes & test results to the Manufacturing Execution System.

Quality: Forced Routing Compliance

Scanning at each process step & a virtual representation of the manufacturing process in the cloud MES guarantees manufacturing process compliance.

Quality: Bill of Material Compliance

Manufacturing equipment, product data management & warehouse systems interoperability ensures that each product is manufactured with BOM compliance.

Sanmina 4.0 combines industry 4.0, lean principles & advanced global IT systems to deliver value to customers in key areas including accelerating time to market, flexible demand management, simplifying the management of complex global supply chains, optimized cost, quality & regulatory compliance. Principles of interoperability, machine to machine communication, automation, IIoT & cloud computing are used to design & manage a global network of 75 state of the art manufacturing facilities.