Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has crossed over from being a narrow management function to being a key differentiating function. Success now hinges on a different set of criteria, where each company is racing to get the right product to the right place at the right time and at the right cost. Our goal is to align customer objectives with the best supply chain strategy in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry. Our EMS supply chain management programs are focused on implementing strategic drivers, business tools and processes to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of designing, manufacturing and delivering your electronics products. Our process allows us to design a customer’s supply chain to mitigate the effects of market availability and seasonality. We specialize in mass customization and can build and configure your product to order, plus provide global delivery.

Today, we sit in the middle of one of the most comprehensive EMS supply chain networks in the world. In our current ultra-competitive global economy, we face many challenges. Shorter product cycles, higher inventory turns, faster time-to-market requirements and supply chain speed and agility makeup just a fraction of those challenges, but Sanmina is here to help overcome those obstacles. We’ve built one of the most effective supply chain models in the industry, which takes a process-oriented approach to supply chain management that is necessary for best-in-class performance. 

At Sanmina, we believe that the identification of key performance indicators and our on-going measurement are fundamental to our clients’ performance improvement. Through our performance management processes, we provide suppliers, ongoing feedback relative to these indicators and work with them to continuously improve performance. Put Sanmina’s EMS supply chain solutions to work for you. Contact us


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