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Four Steps to Reducing Manufacturing RiskManufacturing Tomorrow, Tim Guido, 3-18-22

The Silver Lining of Covid on Manufacturing Programs, Anca & Tim, Electronics Sourcing, March issue, p.14

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Building a Sustainable Sourcing ProgrammeEngineering Capacity, 12/7/21

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Interest Is Growing for the Reuse of Plastics in ManufacturingMedical Product Outsourcing Magazine, 8/3/21

Obsolescence rises as chipmakers focus on high-profit partsElectronics Sourcing North America, July issue (p. 28)

Parts Makers Doctor Their Processes to Meet Medical NeedsPlastics Machinery & Manufacturing, 6/1/21

 Buyers can expect component manufacturers to add capacityElectronics Sourcing NA, May issue (p. 14-16)

Medtech’s Full Service Outsourcing RoundtableMedical Product Outsourcing, 5/3/21

Harnessing Critical Health Data With Wearable TechnologyMedical Product Outsourcing Magazine, 3/26/21

A Single Sourcing Strategy Can Increase Supply Chain RiskElectronics Sourcing, March 2021, pages 33-35

Quality in the Era of COVID-19Manufacturing Tomorrow, 1/14/21

Enterprise Trends and Technology Predictions for 2021Technology Evaluation Centers, 1/11/21

VES VSS2294R Storage Server Deep Dive, Storage Review, 12/1/20 

Improving manufacturing resilience in a post-pandemic worldMarkt & Technik, Nov/Dec issue, pages 22-23

 It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Supply Chain Practices, Design & Elektronik, 11/26/20

Sanmina on Cutting Edge of COVID-19 Detection ResearchHuntsville Business Journal, 8/20/20

The (Virtual) Doctor is In (Via Telemedicine), Medical Product Outsourcing, 6/4/20

What’s Ahead for 5G This Year, Wall Street Journal / CIO Journal , 1/6/20

AI: A New Era for Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 Today, page 26, January/February 2020

Digital Transformation in 2020, Industry Today, 12/19/19

The Value of Storage Time, Forbes, 11/21/19

Sanmina Hires Finisar Vet as New CFO, Seeking Alpha, 10/14/19

42Q Achieves ‘Built for NetSuite’ Status, SupplyChainBrain, 08/27/19

Error-Proofing Production in Automotive Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment News, 08/12/19

The Latest Trends Impacting Quality Within Manufacturing Organizations, Manufacturing Tomorrow, 07/30/19

Anca Thompson, SVP and Chief Quality Officer at Sanmina, discusses how quality practices have evolved to support the latest manufacturing trends.

The US-China Trade War: Here’s What it Means for Medical Device Industry Suppliers, Medical Design & Outsourcing, 07/24/19

Charlie Mason, SVP of the medical market segment at Sanmina, explains how customers are evaluating their supply chains to ensure the most competitive footprint for future products.

ATTO Technology and Viking Enterprise Solutions Partner, Digitalisation World, 07/24/19

The two companies have formed a partnership that will result in a certified, fully integrated and high-performance storage solution ideal for content creation and media workflows.

ATTO and Viking to Launch Heavy Duty Storage Product,, 07/24/19

ATTO Technology and Viking Enterprise Solutions announce a partnership to combine their products.

Sanmina SCI Celebrates Their Role in the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon, RocketCity Now, 07/21/19

As a major supplier to the Apollo program, SCI recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Industry Veteran, Hartmut Liebel, Joins Sanmina as President and COO, i-Connect007, 7/10/19

New executive brings extensive EMS industry experience to Sanmina.

AiThority Interview with Rajeev Gollarahalli, CBO at 42Q, AiThority, 7/10/19

Rajeev Gollarahalli discusses his background, new technologies and factors critical for digital transformation.

Sanmina Aims to Eliminate Inspections, Plastics Machinery Magazine, 7/1/19

Sanmina’s plastics manufacturing facility in Turtle Lake, WI is featured as part of the “On the Factory Floor” series with commentary from general manager Scott Schoenborn.

Suppliers Launch New Welding Capabilities, Plastics Machinery Magazine, 7/1/19

Feature story highlights assembly operations at Sanmina’s Turtle Lake facility as part of its “Best Practices” series.

Driving Innovation in Medtech, The Irish Independent, 6/6/19

Sean Moran, VP of Operations for Sanmina Ireland, discusses how the company has become a technology leader and why the medtech sector is growing in Ireland.

Sanmina Launches Server Cabinet that Supports 4,500 lbs of Equipment, DataCenter Dynamics, 5/10/19

Product feature showcases key attributes of Sanmina’s new heavy duty IT and industrial rack.
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Let’s Rack and Roll: Sanmina’s Hulk Can Bench Press 4,500 lbs, The Register, 5/10/19

Story shares details on Sanmina’s new IT rack that accommodates about three times more weight than a standard server stack. Read more …

An Extension of Reach: A Discussion of Full-Service Outsourcing, Medical Product Outsourcing, 5/1/19

In this executive roundtable feature, Charlie Mason, SVP of the medical market segment at Sanmina, discusses key trends impacting medical device manufacturing along with other industry thought leaders.

Counterdrone Challenges, Aerospace America, 5/3/19

Max Kline, CTO of Sanmina SCI, discusses counter drone technology that can help combat illegal drones along with experts from the Dept. of US Homeland Security and Bard college.

Once or Again? Single Use Products are Gaining Attention, Medical Product Outsourcing, 4/3/19

Sanmina’s Scott Schoenborn shares the latest innovation in resins and new molding technologies for a trend story about single use and disposable medical devices.

New Product Development is Key to EMS Revenue Growth in Canada, Electronics Sourcing N. America, 3/19

Jeremy Stewart, Director of Business Development, talks about the importance of Sanmina’s design center in Ottawa that specializes in development of RF, optical and microelectronic products for many large multinational customers.
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Designing in Supply Chain Skills, Electronics Sourcing Online, 2/19

Tom Pendergrass, VP of Supply Chain Management, discusses the value of Sanmina’s supply chain design services to reduce lead times, improve access to component suppliers and help customers design more flexible supply chains.
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The ROI of Digital Supply Chains – Industry 4.0 Beyond The Factory Walls,  i4.0 Today, Jan-Feb issue 2019, Pages 4-6

Gelston Howell, SVP at Sanmina, describes how the company is leveraging its cloud-based MES platform and M2M communications for real-time global factory KPI visibility and supply chain management.
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Mistake-Proofing Production for Medical Device Manufacturing,  Medical Product Outsourcing, 12/18/18

Anca Thompson, SVP & Chief Quality Officer at Sanmina, discusses how new technologies and M2M communications are helping medical device manufacturers “mistake proof” complex production processes.
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Today’s Challenges with State of the Art SMT Production, SMT Today, Nov-Dec issue 2018, Pages 32-34

Mulugeta Abtew, VP of Quality and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development at Sanmina, discusses how the latest approaches in SMT production are helping Sanmina address the growing complexity of PCBAs.
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Manufacturers Remain Slow to Recognize Cybersecurity Risk, The New York Times, 11/21/18

Manesh Patel stresses the importance of superior cybersecurity measures and outlines Sanmina’s multi-faceted approach to protecting manufacturing data.
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The Business Value of Cloud-Based MES Technology, Automation World, 8/20/18

Gelston Howell shares how moving Sanmina’s MES platform to the cloud helped the company achieve new levels of visibility, efficiency and quality.
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SMT Today Cover Story – Business Impact of Digital Factory Transformation

Machine utilization, throughput, yield and inventory management are just some of the many metrics that are critical to the success of any SMT manufacturing operation. Recognizing this complexity ten years ago, Sanmina began a digital factory transformation, and has now connected over 25,000 pieces of manufacturing equipment in the cloud. Read more …

Paradigm Shift: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Class III Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical OEMs are designing complex class III products such as pacemakers and other implantables in smaller form factors. In order to manufacture these types of devices in high volumes, OEMs are leveraging the expertise of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies for both automation and quality systems.
Read more in German…

The Impact of the Digital Factory on Design & Engineering

Sanmina used Industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) techniques to connect 25,000 pieces of manufacturing equipment into a cloud-based virtual factory. In the process they identified what design engineers can do to access more comprehensive data about the performance of their products.

Sanmina Achieves 10-Day Lead Times for Industrial Systems OEM

A global industrial systems company was struggling to meet customer demand for its family of complex electromechanical controls. Supply chain challenges included long component lead times and management of several system variants. Sanmina redesigned the company’s global supply chain to consistently achieve a 10-day system delivery.

Total Landed Cost Analysis

Gelston Howell, Senior Vice President of Sanmina, analyzes total landed cost (TLC) and how to identify hidden costs in global supply chains.

The ROI of Digital Factories

Sanmina recently reached a major Industry 4.0 milestone when they surpassed 25,000 pieces of manufacturing equipment connected to its cloud manufacturing execution system, 42Q. The results achieved are proof that the combination of the cloud and IIoT significantly improve global supply chain visibility, real time production control and operating efficiency. Read more…

Hyperscale Data Centers Benefit from Electronic Manufacturing Services Providers

Data centers must guarantee service continuity while upgrading technology for faster network speed, improved power efficiency and increased storage capacity. Some “hyperscale” data centers have chosen Electronic Manufacturing Services companies to help them upgrade and expand. Read more in German..

Real-time Supply Chain Management for Industry 4.0

Global supply chains for complex products have components manufactured in multiple different countries, sub-assemblies in others & finished products in yet another location. In this article learn how Industry 4.0 has been applied to provide visibility and control reducing risk in managing complex, global supply chains. Read more..

EMS Companies Now Provide More Technology and Design Services

Dietmar Guenther, executive vice president of Sanmina, explains to eeNews Europe how Sanmina provides value to customers with design services and advanced technology.
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Industry 4.0 Technologies Address Challenges of Class III Medical Device Manufacturing

Machine-to-machine communication, cyber-physical systems & cloud computing are enabling the advanced automation required to overcome complex production challenges when manufacturing millions of Class III Medical Devices.
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Sanmina’s Culture A Template For Medtech Growth

Med Device Online‘s editor profiles Sanmina’s successful path to growth in medical device contract manufacturing.
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Industry 4.0 in Highly Regulated Medical Device Factory

Srivats Ramaswami describes in CXO Insights how 42Q is successfully implementing Industry 4.0 principles for a customer in the highly regulated medical device sector.
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Sanmina Taking a Lead Role in the Automotive Sector

The automotive industry has been changing and developing rapidly over the last few years. CIE editor, Amy Wallington talks to Bernd Enser, vice president, GlobalAutomotive Business, about how Sanmina has taken a significant role in the industry to drive innovation in this area. Read more..

Cloud-Based MES: The Effort to Empower Small Manufacturers

It can sometimes seem like the small manufacturer is getting buried underneath larger competitors. Yet, many of today’s advances in manufacturing technology, like cloud MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are making it possible for small and medium size manufacturers to improve their operations. Read more…

Industry 4.0 & IIoT Impact on Supply Change Management: Hype vs. Reality

While automation and robotics are the most visible aspects of Industry 4.0 and IIoT, these initiatives are making an impact on supply chain management by increasing global manufacturing visibility and improving demand management flexibility.
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State of the Art Radar Systems Design

Thales and Sanmina collaborate to develop an enhanced version of APAR (Active Phased
Array Radar) to support the CSC (Canadian Surface Combatant) ships. Read more from Canadian Defence Review …

Expanding Business Models of Contract Manufacturers Improve OEM Profitability

When people think of contract manufacturers (CMs), many think of them as companies who simply build products as specified by the OEM. The reality is contract manufacturing companies have significantly evolved in the past decade, developing advanced technology and managing global supply chains for some of the most respected Fortune 500 companies. Read more…

Managing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges in LED Luminaire Design

Today’s luminaires are often complicated lighting systems and have a wide range of applications from in-home luminaires and retail to very high power outdoor lighting. This causes several challenges in both design and manufacturing.  Gelston Howell, Senior Vice President at Sanmina explains how to manage some of these design, manufacturing and supply chain challenges by using examples. Read more…

Solder Joint Reliability Assessment for a High Performance RF Ceramic Packages

The prediction of long term solder joint reliability (SJR) of microelectronic devices continues to challenge the packaging industry, particularly with the introduction of lead-free materials.This study provides an overview of the solder joint reliability assessment. Read more…

Surface Mount Technology Advancements in 2015

Sanmina’s VP of Process Technology Development, Mulugeta Abtew, reviews the latest surface mount technology advances for 2014 and 2015, based on increasing signal transmission speeds and device pin counts.
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Manufacturing Automation – Deciding If It Makes Sense

SMT Editor Richard Ayes recently asked Gelston Howell, senior vice president at Sanmina, to provide perspective on the state of manufacturing automation.
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Pushing the Boundaries for Automotive Electronics

Sanmina’s facility in Tatabanya, Hungary takes on the challenge of manufacturing today’s highly complex automotive electronics.
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Conflict Free Compliance

Sanmina’s VP of Supply Chain, Craig Hebrink, provides insight into how OEMs and EMS companies are working together to improve conflict mineral reporting.
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Automotive World

Bernd Enser, Sanmina’s VP of Global Automotive, spoke to Automotive World about how OEMs can work with EMS providers to integrate new electronics, connectivity and safety features in cars without compromising safety. Read more…

EDA Café DesignCon Interview

In this video interview Brian Nelson delves into the latest technology advancements in high speed backplanes. Read more…

Buyers Vary Strategy to Mitigate Counterfeit Risk

Troy Hiner, Vice President of Supply Chain, talks with Electronics 360 about materials sourcing and how Sanmina monitors independent component distributors with parts inspections, testing programs and special anti-counterfeit agreements. Read more…

Packaging: Optical and RF Innovation

Our VP of RF and Optical Engineering, John Pokinko, provides his perspectives on high speed optical, RF and electronic micropackaging, signal integrity and thermal design. Read more…

Product Lifecycle Management Tools

Sundar Kamath from Sanmina and three other executives share their experience of introducing product lifecycle management software and methods into their company. Read more…

Excellence in Supplier Management

At electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider Sanmina, suppliers need to do more than build high quality components. Read more…

Technology and Services Drive EMS Growth

Sanmina’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Gelston Howell, was asked what will drive the EMS market in the US, Canada and Mexico over the next five years. Read more…

Material Selection for Machining

Greg Thompson, VP of engineering at Sanmina talks about how new alloys, plastics and ceramics are being machined for a wide variety of medical devices. Read more…

Cover Story, PCB Design Magazine: Key Factors Influencing Laminate Selection for Todays PCBs

Recently, there has been a flurry of new and promising high speed laminate materials entering the market. Sanmina’s Steve Iketani and Brian Nelson offer their insights on these new materials. Read more…

5 Ways to Turn a Medical Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage

One of the greatest challenges a medical OEM faces is how to build a supply chain that meets and maintains ISO 13485 standards. Read more…

EE Times Europe – Medical Design Trends

“Nearly 50 percent of new medical devices being developed have a requirement to embed telehealth functionality,” explains Greg Thompson, VP of Engineering for Sanmina’s Medical divison. Read more…

Evertiq – Finnish Innovation Alive and Kicking

In this article, Harri Nasanen, Program Manager at Sanmina’s facility in Haukipudas, Finland, discusses the manufacturing partnership with Uros, the creator of the Goodspeed device. Read more…

iConnect007 – IPC/APEX 2013 – San Diego, California

In this sit down video interview, Brian Nelson of Sanmina explains the potential issues companies can face when dealing with hybrid PCBs manufactured with different types of laminates. Indeed, hybrids are becoming more mainstream, but each new combination of materials is an entirely new entity that must be tested and certified. Watch the interview . . .

Real Time at IPC/APEX 2013 – The Ins and Outs of Technology Roadmaps

Interconnect Technology Analysis, Jack Fisher, hosts a candid roundtable discussion exploring how technology roadmaps serve multiple purposes in the industry. Sanmina’s Dale Kersten, Vice President of Engineering, discusses the various sides of roadmaps. Read more…

PCB007 — DesignCon 2013 – Santa Clara, California

Andy Shaughnessy of PCB007 talks with Brian Nelson, Manager, PCB New Product Introduction at Sanmina during DesignCon. The video interview discusses issues customers face every day and ways to effectively utilize a fabricators’ years of manufacturing experience. Watch the discussion…

Electronic Specifier Design – January 2013 – Europe

Electronic Specifier Design – January 2013 – Europe In any design project, there are typically five critical components in the design. These are the components that create 80% of the problems in getting to market because they are typically expensive, unique, complex and/or require long lead times to acquire. Read more…

Solar Power World — Five Ways to Turn Solar Supply Chain Into A Competitive Advantage

Design engineers are charged with creating the most innovative designs, at the cheapest prices, as fast as possible. Here are five ways solar design engineers leverage the supply chain to turn out projects through the process of new product introduction (NPI) and scale to volume production smoothly. Read more…

Solar Power World — Taking Solar Products from NPI Into Volume Production

Going into volume production on a global basis means leveraging the assets and expertise of a manufacturing partner when your company may not have the in-house capability and capacity and resources. Read more…

EEWeb Puts the Spotlight on Sanmina Engineering

Robi Thomas, Technical Leader of Hardware Engineering at Sanmina, is the July 2012 Featured Engineer. Sanmina holds hundreds of patents in numerous technologies including PCBA materials, fabrication technique and is constantly innovating in process and capabilities. Read more…

Chatting with Sanmina at Intersolar 2012 – Written by Kathleen Zipp

One of the major decisions solar companies must make as they design new products is: how will this be manufactured? At Intersolar North America 2012 in San Francisco, I chatted with Sanmina Corporation who said it can help. Sanmina is a manufacturing solutions company that makes complex and innovative optical, electronic and mechanical products. Read more…