Enterprise Computing and Storage

Design, manufacturing, fulfillment and repair of PCBAs and systems, using custom
and off the shelf technology in computing, storage and embedded applications.

Products & Services

Design, manufacturing and repair of computing and storage sub-assemblies.
PCBAs, enclosures, rack scale integration, software integration, BTO/CTO.

High Speed Computing

Using Sanmina technology, we build some of the world’s highest performance
computers for applications including gene analysis, IC emulation and graphics.

Rack Integration Services

Custom electronics integration, commercially off-the-shelf technology,
data center software, cloud storage, social media, video streaming and telecom applications.

Hardware Design

Turnkey and co-design services for advanced server and
computing systems, PCBAs, PCBs, backplanes, racks and enclosures.

Advanced PCB Technology

Sanmina designs and manufactures high-speed and high density PCBs
(70+ layers, stacked vias, and backdrilling) for high performance products.

Viking Enterprise Solutions

Off the shelf and custom solutions for JBOD and RAID storage servers
for cold storage, high performance and enterprise applications.

Viking Technology Memory

Viking Technology, a Sanmina company, designs and produces
DRAM modules, SSD, advanced memory packaging and complex sub-system.


Sanmina has the product design experience, component technology and systems integration capability together with a global footprint to help Computing and Storage OEMs accelerate time-to-market and simplify supply chains.

We provide services in design, manufacturing, systems integration, test and burn-in including the unique requirements of Build-To-Order (BTO), Configure to Order (CTO) and Direct Order Fulfillment as well as repair and global supply chain solutions using custom and off the shelf technology.

Integrated Manufacturing Services provide access to design and manufacturing capability for all components and sub-assemblies for computing products including backplanes, power and cooling sub-assemblies, PCBs, PCBAs, servers, processors, racks and interconnect. This vertically integrated approach simplifies system development and supply chain management for OEM customers.

Viking Enterprise Solutions, a Sanmina company, designs, manufactures & sells leading edge off-the-shelf & customized servers & storage solutions for datacenters & enterprise markets.

Viking Technology, a Sanmina company, develops memory modules and solid state disk drives for enterprise server and storage applications that demand high performance, high reliability, data security, low power consumption and thermal efficiency.

Viking Enterprise Solutions

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