Sanmina’s Performance Excellence program drives global process consistency and fosters the sharing of best practices between plants and support functions. It also ensures adherence to processes and discipline, as the performance of each plant is reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis.

Detailed checklists are used for each section and an overall score is calculated for each plant. Corrective and Preventative Actions as well as Improvement Plans are created as a result of the site reviews.

A summary of key requirements for each of the five sections is presented below:

Customer & Demand Management Supply Chain Management Product Execution Plant Compliance Plant Predictability & Key Financial Metrics
Agreements Supplier Management Resource Management ISO, FDA Plant Results
Communication Agreements Product Realization Medical Baseline to Actual Predictability
Demand Management Agility Assembly, Test ESD AR
Customer Satisfaction Supplier Quality Pack & Ship 5S E&O Inventory
Product Engineering Materials Planning Inventory Management Visual Factory Training
BOM, AVL Early/Late PO-s Process Engineering System Standardization
NPI LT Verification Product Quality Finance/SOX/IA
Profitability Management Materials Acquisition Materials Logistics RoHS
Liability Management E&O AP Lean Manufacturing CTPAT
AR Training Training International Customs & Trade
Acc Development Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement Training
Training Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

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