High-Level Systems Assembly

Sanmina manages the complete supply chain & assembles & tests complex high technology products.

Complex Medical Systems
Blood Handlers, Diagnostics

Well known medical OEMs trust Sanmina to assemble & test highly complex medical systems integrating 1,000s of components with electronic, motion control, fluidics & chemical technology in ISO 13485 certified & FDA compliant facilities.

Complex Medical Systems
From Prototype to Production

Sanmina developed manufacturing processes, machined precision components, manufactured PCBAs & integrated them into the system during a 40 hour build process & 5 hour functional test.

Telecom Supply Chain
Complexity, Simplified.

Sanmina simplified the supply chain by managing third party suppliers, manufacturing the PCBAs, enclosures & cable assemblies & integrating them with 1,000s of components & sub-assemblies into highly configurable build to order systems.

Rack Integration

Sanmina delivers thousands of rack scale systems annually to some of the best known social media, cloud, telecommunications and computing OEMs in the world.

Complex Commercial Printer
Manufacturing Simplified

Sanmina integrates 1,800 components including enclosures, cable harnesses, precision machined components, moving parts & PCBAs into large scale commercial digital printers with dimensions 8M x 4M x 2M during a 600 hour manufacturing process.

Information Kiosk

Sanmina manufactures and tests the PCBA, cable interconnect system & performs the system level assembly for this state of the art information kiosk with touch screen & web connectivity.

Vending Machine
DFM & System Manufacturing

Sanmina designed the cable interconnect system, conducted a DFM analysis & manufactures the PCBA, metal enclosure & the complete system in a low cost location.

Medical, High Volume Automation

For over 20 years, Sanmina has been producing high volume consumer medical devices, with production of some devices in the millions of units per year on “no-touch” fully automated assembly lines.

Sanmina’s engineers are highly experienced in integrating multiple complex technologies including electronics, fluidics and motion control into complete systems. A wide range of complex high-level assemblies including communications systems, power inverters, industrial control systems, semi-conductor systems, ATM machines, blood analysers, MRI machines, commercial digital printers, multimedia kiosks and smart vending machines are manufactured by Sanmina. We also design manufacturing automation for medical and automotive applications where volumes are high and regulatory compliance is required. Our ability to combine management of third party component suppliers with in-house manufacturing of component sand sub-assemblies and integrate them in high-level assemblies simplifies the supply chain for customers.

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