End-to-end Test Solutions

Development of complete hardware & software test solutions using a range of technologies at component, PCBA and system level.

PCBA Test Solutions

Designed with flying probe, AOI, X-Ray, ICT, boundary scan & functional tests using industry standard & custom hardware and software platforms.

Functional Test Systems Development

Test systems for highly complex products designed with multiple technologies including electronics, motion control, optics & chemistry.

Data Center Equipment Test Systems

Sanmina develops automatic test systems based on Linux shell script & Nagios monitoring tools allowing thousands of servers to be tested in parallel.

High Speed RF Test System Design

Turnkey design of ultra high speed & automated RF test systems for applications including radar, satellite & other complex equipment.

Optical Test Systems

Turnkey design of test system hardware and software for optical telecom products operating at up to 400Gbs.

Environmental Stress Screening

We reduce early life failures & improve reliability using Highly Accelerated Life Testing, Highly Accelerated Stress Screening & Burn-In programs.

Test Systems Development

The best known OEMs in the world trust Sanmina to develop comprehensive, integrated and cost effective end to end test strategies at component, sub-assembly and finished product levels using customer and industry standard hardware and software platforms. Sanmina provides customers with complete solutions for a wide variety of testing requirements, from functional testing, to environmental stress testing, and more.

Test solutions we have develop for customers include:

  • Flying Probe
  • DFX
  • ICT
  • Functional Testing
  • HALT
  • Optical Inspection
  • Test Simulation
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Wireless & RF
  • HASS
  • X-Ray
  • Boundary Scan
  • Inline X-Ray
  • High-speed optical
  • Environmental stress
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Packaging Tests
  • Vision systems
  • Motion Control
  • Burn-in

Sanmina has decades of experience in test systems development in the communications, enterprise computing and storage, defense and aerospace, medical, automotive, and industrial markets. Our contract test development services optimize test coverage and manufacturing efficiency.

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