Flexible and Rigid-flex PCBs

Sanmina manufactures complex rigid-flex PCBs for many applications including three dimensional designs. We specialize in fine line and multiple inner layer cores. High Density Interconnect technology includes micro via, buried via, 1+n+1, open end flex finger & high volume rigid-flex.


Simultaneous Via PartitioningTM (SVPTM) Custom Manufacturing

SVPTM technology is a patented PCB design that use a plating resist (PR) which selectively prevents copper plating and allows for a segmented via formation. This partitioned via results in the ability to significantly reduce or even eliminate stubs which would be left during the traditional PCB manufacturing process. Additionally, in certain designs, the segmented via created by this plating resist may be able to create opposing vias, normally only accomplished using a sub-composite approach, without the use of costly and time consuming multiple PCB lamination cycles.


Ultra High Aspect Ratio, Stacked Vias  

Sanmina specializes in HDI, as well as any-layer-vias, multi-level stacked vias, blind via formation and backdrilling, with ultra high board aspect ratios (35:1), over 70+ layers, and in formats to 54 inches.


Thermal Management, Coining, Planar Magnetics  

Sanmina’s heavy copper layers (10 oz) and planar magnetic technologies eliminate external heat sinks and magnetic coils, for low-profile and high thermal dissipation designs, such as SMPS (switch mode power supplies).


Controlled Stub LengthTM (CSLTM)

Due to the precise nature of the SVP manufacturing process, each stub will be controlled via the design of the product, and will not be the result of the accumulated process tolerances of lamination (board thickness), drilling, and back drilling. These accumulated tolerances make it nearly impossible to build thick circuit boards in large form factors with a 6 mil maximum stub.


Zero Stub LengthTM

In situations where the full power of SVP is designed into the board from the start, it is possible that the resulting structure can achieve “Zero Stub Length”.

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