Viking Technology leads the Enterprise and Embedded storage market in Solid State Drives (SSD), DRAM and hybrid storage technologies. With a breadth of solutions that bridge both SSD and DRAM, Viking Technology has the ability to deliver any storage solution from high-performance computing SSDs down to embedded kiosk flash devices. Viking Technology has over two decades of focused storage development and delivers high technology solutions that optimize the value and performance of customers’ applications in the Enterprise, Network Infrastructure, Embedded and Defense & Aerospace markets. In recent years, Viking Technology has pioneered several disruptive technologies that are paving the way for faster and more effective Enterprise server and storage solutions. Such innovations include a new storage-class memory module, ArxCis-NV. With ArxCis-NV’s latest DDR3 generation, Enterprise systems are able to save and restore critical data that resides in main memory during a disastrous power-fail. This ability is critical for the involving Cloud and Virtualization market to ensure reliability and disaster recovery.

Another disruptive technology is the innovative SATADIMMTM, an SSD in the form of a DIMM. Utilizing Viking Technology’s state-of-the-art design and packaging technology, the SATADIMM is able to deliver all the performance, capacity and features of an Enterprise SSD within 75% the footprint of d to a traditional 2.5-inch SSD. With its innovative form factor, the SATADIMM is capable of enabling a single server to deliver the performance of a full Rack within a single Rack Unit (1U). Within the Embedded & Industrial markets, Viking Technology provides solutions such as SATACubeTM, a small ruggedize SSD utilized to replace 2.5-inch HDD within Military and Government applications. Operating at 100x the transactional speed of a traditional HDD, the SATACube can deliver the performance and reliability that only an SSD can accomplish – at only 85% of the footprint of legacy 2.5-inch HDDs. This small embedded SSD allows system developers to increase performance within space constraints that HDDs cannot deliver. Viking Technology also provides the industry’s largest breadth of DRAM modules from standard DDR3 DIMMs to specials mini VLP RDIMMs to legacy RAMBUS. Plus, Viking Technology offers several differentiators such as industrial temperatures, locked Bill-of-Materials (BOM) and advance customizations.

With an extensive product breadth of SSD and DRAM, Viking Technology stands as one of the top Tier storage solution providers in the market. We encourage you to learn more about Viking Technology and its innovative products by visiting

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