Viking Technology is Sanmina’s high-end engineering product and technology division that focuses on developing memory and storage solutions for the OEM. Viking provides storage and memory solutions ranging from high-performance computing SSDs tailored for the enterprise market, to DRAM modules optimized for the industrial, telecommunications and military markets.

To continue its leadership in the memory space, Viking Technology is investing in several advanced technologies such as multi-chip packaging (MCP), system-in-package (SiP), package-on-package (PoP), NVDIMM, and new storage class memory (ReRAM, MRAM, etc). These investments enable Viking Technology to support an ever growing need for optimized size, performance, capacity, density and persistence requirements. In addition, Viking Technology continues to focus on the enterprise and embedded markets with a future emphasis on military, medical and automotive applications.

Viking Technology’s comprehensive product offerings include enterprise class and industrial grade SSDs available across a wide portfolio of standard and OEM customized form factors (2.5”, 1.8” SlimSATA, mSATA, M.2, PCIe/NVMe SSDs, SATADIMM™, DFC and eUSB). Viking Technology also supports the broadest range of DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM modules; from high-density to small-form factor with error checking and correction (ECC Memory). In addition to the broad DRAM offering, Viking Technology also specializes in DRAM and Flash chip stacking, allowing for higher density modules (MCP and SiP modules) and drives that are typically unachievable through normal chip manufacturing.