A natural disaster or other unplanned event may result in the need to execute documented disaster recovery plans. At Sanmina, a standard Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) makes it easier to meet customer needs, especially in cases where they do business across multiple plants or divisions. Sanmina’s global system for business continuity management allows lessons learned from plant level events to be shared with others. IT and EH&S procedures are also incorporated into the BCMS.
The Sanmina BCMS is aligned with the ISO 22301 standard and is comprised of four primary parts:

Risk Assessment

The Sanmina BCMS starts with risk assessment. We look at Risk management in 2 ways, Enterprise risk and individual plant risk. Similar to a process FMEA, we identify the potential events, their likelihood of occurrence, the impact to Sanmina and our customers and the effectiveness of our prevention and/or mitigating measures. We may take additional actions to further reduce the risk.

Incident Management

Incident management includes immediate and short term actions including damage assessment and initial communication. In this portion of the BCMS, we plan how we will immediately respond to a significant business interruption, including responsibilities and associated actions.

Business Recovery

Business recovery is our process for restoring operations, including responsibilities and associated actions. In this portion of the BCMS, we plan for the assessment, recovery, and resumption of operations after a significant business interruption, including responsibilities and associated actions.
Post Incident Review, Internal Audits and Test Exercises
When an incident occurs and results in the activation of the BCMS, a post incident review is documented. Based on lessons learned, changes to plant/facility information or corporate procedures/forms may be appropriate. Annual internal audits are conducted to assure readiness of the BCMS planning documents at each facility. Finally, test exercises are planned and conducted to evaluate the simulated operation of key BCMS functions.

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