Customer Satisfaction

Our people have not only the experience and the knowledge, but also the passion and drive to deliver the best service to our customers. Because of that, we make a difference in the success our customers achieve.

Customer Focus Teams

The Customer Focus Team is how we structure the services we offer to our customers. Proper support and representation is being provided at all levels of the organization and the teams are customized as necessary based upon customer requirements. A typical Plant level organization has a Customer Focus Team composed of a Program Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager and Quality Manager.

Customer Satisfaction Assessment

With several mechanisms in place to measure customer satisfaction, Sanmina is able to listen and understand our customer’s needs and expectations. Sanmina conducts customer satisfaction surveys to capture the customer’s overall satisfaction level with our performance. Sanmina teams also support Scorecard processes, highly customized and tailored upon customer requirements allowing the collection and analysis of tactical, real time customer feedback.
Business Reviews are part of the management systems employed at all levels within Sanmina. Reviews and regularly scheduled discussions with our customer representatives are key elements of our system, fostering successful problem solving, continuous improvements and joint collaboration between our teams.