PCBS • Backplanes • Cables

We continue to be one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality, high-performance and reliable key technology components for multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCBs), backplane assemblies and cable assemblies. Our Interconnect Solutions Division specifically focuses on these three components with a deep engineering foundation.

Consumer Medical Devices


Sanmina provides design, DFX, prototype, quick-turn and volume manufacturing services for complex rigid PCBs, semi-rigid and flex PCBs used in mission critical applications. From the in house qualification of advanced laminate materials, signal integrity analysis, DFx and global manufacturing, Sanmina is the recognized leading manufacturer of advanced printed circuit boards. For both high speed and high reliability PCB fabrication, Sanmina will work with you to develop advanced PCBs with unique requirements.



Sanmina provides quick turn and production backplanes including: UL®-ready hybrid constructions integrating FR4, low-loss laminates, PTH signal integrity optimization and RoHS-compliant surface finishes. Backplane fabrication capability includes 70+ layers in panel sizes up to 54 inches with ultra-high aspect ratio (>30:1), HDI, any layer via structures, backdrilling, blind via formation, Buried Capacitance® and buried thin film resistors. Leading OEMs depend on Sanmina to incorporate the latest innovations in connectors, design, materials, and process technology into high performance backplanes.
Sanmina provides customers with a comprehensive test solution including production VNA testing, RoBAT, flying probe, automatic optical inspection (AOI), X-ray and Testronics test capability.

Patient Monitoring


Sanmina develops and manufacturers cable assembly and interconnect solutions for virtually all market sectors including automotive, medical and industrial. We provide customers with a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance interconnect solutions, cables assemblies, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies. From product design services to a flexible manufacturing model, Sanmina creates the ideal environment for interconnect needs.