High Technology Interconnect Solutions

Advanced PCBs, Backplanes and Flex Circuits for all Industries, with a Focus on High Speed Technologies for Telecom.

High Speed Backplanes

Panel Sizes to 54 Inches • Over 70 Layers • Blind and Backdrilled Thru Holes
Dual Diameter Holes • Heavy Copper Layers and Connector Expertise


High Speed Printed Circuit Boards

Multiple Sequential Laminations • HDI, Any Layer Structures • Over 70 Layers
Thermal Coining and Laser Milling • Blind and Backdrilled Thru Holes


Fully Integrated High Speed Solutions

Fully integrated service including design, signal integrity, EMC/RFI analysis, prototyping & production of custom backplanes, high speed PCBs & enclosures.

Mission Critical Printed Circuit Boards

Design & fabrication of PCBs & flex circuit boards. Certifications include MIL-PRF-55110 & 31032, ITAR, AS 9100, TL 9000 & Telecordia GR-78-CORE.

Global Locations PCBs and Flex Circuits

Providing local, regional and global services for advanced PCBs and flex circuits, including technology development, quick turns and volume production.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

From the in house qualification of advanced laminate materials, signal integrity analysis, DFx and global manufacturing, Sanmina is the recognized leading manufacturer of advanced printed circuit boards. For both high speed and high reliability PCB fabrication, Sanmina will work with you to develop advanced PCBs with unique requirements.


  • PCB Layout, CAD, Design for Manufacturability and Cost (DFx)
  • Quick-turn PCB Prototyping for High Technology PCBs, Backplanes and Flex Circuits
  • High-volume, Global Manufacturing in the Americas and Asia
  • Advanced Technology: Latest Laminates, HDI, any Layer Via Structures, Multiple Sequential Laminations
  • Manufacturing Services Using SVPTM (Simultaneous Via PartitioningTM) with Intellectual Property Licensing Opportunities

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Complete High Speed PCB & Backplane Solutions

Sanmina provides a fully integrated high speed capability, with in-house design, simulation, signal integrity, EMC/RFI analysis, prototyping and production of custom backplanes, high speed PCBs, cables and enclosures.

Mission Critical PCB Solutions

Sanmina designs and produces high reliability PCBs and flex circuits for defense and aerospace, medical, automotive, communications infrastructure, data center, industrial and test and measurement application. Certifications include: MIL-PRF55110 & 31032, ITAR, AS 9100, TL 9000, Telecordia GR-78-CORE.

High Speed PCBs:
  • Multiple sequential laminations
  • HDI, any layer structures
  • Over 70 layers
  • Thermal coining
  • Laser milling
  • Blind and backdrilled thru holes
 High Speed Backplanes:
  • Very Large Format
  • Over 70 layers
  • Blind and backdrilled thru holes
  • Dual diameter holes
  • Heavy copper layers
  • Connector expertise

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