Many of the world’s best known companies trust Sanmina to manufacture their mission critical products and systems. Sanmina develops global supply chains for these customers by integrating build-to-order manufacturing, configure to order fulfillment and worldwide logistics. Four examples are provided below.

Mobile Computing & Two Way Radios: Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, Repair

Sanmina ships more than 20,000 units daily in order quantities ranging from one to one thousand. The manufacturing & fulfillment services are integrated with after market services including screening, repair & asset management.


Telecommunications Rack Systems: Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, Repair


Sanmina manufactures PCBAs & sub-assemblies for telecommunications systems. The PCBAs & sub-assemblies are integrated with third party components in rack systems that are built to order in end customer configurations. Sanmina also provides a complete order fulfillment & repair service.


Ruggedized Computers: Design, Manufacturing, Logistics


Sanmina designed and manufactures a ruggedized computer system used in oil & gas exploration. We selected third party components for the system architecture & designed ruggedized custom enclosures to protect the system from harsh environments. Sanmina manufactures the custom components and integrates them with third party components into the completed system.


Medical Systems: Design, Manufacture, Repair


Medical OEMs benefit from streamlined supply chains using Sanmina’s end-to-end services. Sanmina designs and co-designs, manufactures and repairs complex medical systems for applications including nuclear imaging, molecular diagnostics and blood analysis.