Telecom Frames & Enclosures

20 years experience with the turnkey design and manufacturing of all types of standard and custom telecom, networking and storage enclosures and frames, including thermal, seismic and EMC/RFI design, simulation and validation.

IT Racks & Enclosures for Storage Systems

Turnkey design of enclosures and racks for a wide variety of storage systems. 20 years expierence with thermal, seismic and EMC/RFI design, simulation and validation.

Turnkey Design of Gaming Systems

Sanmina designed and produced the enclosures, extrusions and plastics for several gaming systems including these components for gaming systems like the one shown here.

Medical Enclosure Design

Comprehensive design and DFx services for a broad range of medical systems, including turnkey design of enclosures, frames and plastics. Sanmina also specializes in the design of mechatronics and all components for CT, MR and X-Ray tables.

Complex Semiconductor System Integration

End to end design, technology, integration and test for complex vacuum systems for semiconductor and LED component processing. Design and production of precision welded frames and vacuum chambers. System integration in production clean rooms.

Complex Commercial Printer System Integration

Supply chain management, metal fabrication, cable system assembly, PCBA manufacturer, electro-mechanical assembly, systems integration and test of highly complex digital commercial printers.

Large Format Machining

An industry leader, Sanmina has 15 years experience with large format machining (up to 3 meters) for assemblies including semiconductor vacuum chambers, precision stainless steel mechanisms, clean technology and industrial components.

Welded Frames

Design and fabrication of precision welded frames for industrial and semiconductor applications. MIG, TIG and robotic welding. Paint, powder coat and anodized finishes.

Injection Molded Plastics

Three Sanmina injection molding facilities offer component design, tool design and mold flow analysis, machining and second operations along with high volume automated assembly for medical, consumer, security and industrial applications.

Facilities – Mechanical Systems Division

A comprehensive global footprint, with facilities in every major region offering large format precision machining, enclosures and plastics. End to end services including component and tool design, analysis and simulation, quick turn prototyping, launch and volume production.

Sanmina is a global leader in design, manufacturing & systems integration of complex enclosures for the world’s best known OEMs. Engineering & design services include enclosures, thermal management, structural analysis, modeling, verification & cabling. Our packaging expertise comprises custom & standard cabinet designs for both indoor & outdoor applications using materials like stainless steel, mild steel & aluminum.

Product applications include:

  • Switchgear cabinets, power inverters, power distribution & management
  • IT racks for data centres, computing, storage and telecoms applications
  • Control cabinets and signaling enclosures for transportation systems
  • Industrial controls, 3D printers, ATMs, kiosks, gaming systems
  • Test & measurement, security and safety, semiconductor equipment







Sanmina builds sheet metal enclosures, chassis and internal assemblies that meet exact customer specifications and adhere to international quality standards and IP classifications. Our target markets include industrial, clean technology, communications infrastructure, enterprise computing & storage, multimedia and medical.

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