Order Fulfillment, Repair &
Product Lifecycle Services

Accelerated Turnaround Time. Lower Inventory & Capital Investment.
Global Footprint. Diverse Product Mix.

Direct Order Fulfillment
Forward Logistics

Transforming fulfillment with complete BTO, CTO and Direct Order Fulfillment. Advanced I.T. systems optimize hubs and global inventory management.

Systems Assembly & Integration
Build-to-order / Configure-to-order

We assemble, configure to order and deliver thousands of rack scale integrated systems and appliances annually world-wide.

Aftermarket Services
Reverse Logistics

Optimizing warranty management, RMA, advanced replacement and RTV processes. Providing Repair and Refurbishment Services.

Repair Services
Failure Analysis & Test Development

Sanmina provides complete repair, failure analysis, remanufacturing and test development capabilities for both simple and highly complex systems.

Accelerated Repairs Management
1 - 3 Days Turnaround Time

Sanmina developed innovative software algorithms to efficiently manage a customer program routing 2,500+ in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs per day.

Out of Warranty Repair:
50% Material Cost Reduction

Sanmina developed innovative repair methods to reduce the cost of materials used to repair over 600,000 ruggedized mobile computers & scanners annually.

Swap Stock Inventory
$5M Reduction

Sanmina reduced repair turnaround time by 2 days enabling a $5M decrease in inventory for the customer & their end customers.

Supply Chain Services
Global Solutions

Customers experience immediate benefits from Sanmina’s supply chain solutions, including a large portfolio of preferred suppliers, hub and VMI services.

Sanmina Global Services – A One Provider Solution

Sanmina Global Services (SGS) integrates logistics with repair services and robust supply chain management. This integration provides our customers with a complete solution; assembly, configuration, distribution, after-market services and end-of-life management of products, at a lower cost and with fully integrated data and configuration management.

Sanmina’s “One I.T. System” provides integration and control between our 60+ Sanmina and partner logistics centers.ement and quality systems, and advanced engineering services that deliver value and an integrated global solution. Our I.T. Systems, consistently globally deployed, are the foundation for lean practices, advanced engineering services, strong materials management and quality systems. Our single platform provides customers with real-time visibility to operational, repair and material data.

With service centers on five continents, our network of repair hubs and 3PLs provides a post-manufacturing infrastructure to perform repairs close to the point of product failure, while working together to meet service demands around the world.

Forward Logistics & Order Fulfillment

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Repair & Reverse Logistics

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