PCBA & Systems Manufacturing
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
75 Locations Worldwide

Local DFX, prototype & NPI services for PCBAs & complex systems using multiple technologies. Volume production in Sweden & 75 locations globally.

Design for Manufacturing Services Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Sanmina’s experienced engineers help customers to lower cost, streamline manufacturing, increase test coverage & quality performance in PCBAs & high-level assemblies.

Industrial System: DFX & Re-design
Reduced Labor Time by 50%

Using a Barashi method & DFX analysis, labor time was reduced by 50%. 1,500 components and sub-assemblies with multiple technologies were integrated in the system.

Test Development Services Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Customers benefit from more than 30 years local test development experience. Engineers design complete test systems including ICT, optical inspection & functional test optimizing test coverage & product quality.

Prototype, Time to Market & Time
to Volume Services

Customers benefit from faster time to market, quick turn PCBA and finished product prototypes. Engineers offer full prototyping services as well as PCBA design, mechanical design, test development and on-site 3D model printing.

PCBA & Systems Manufacturing Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Complex supply chains are simplified using Sanmina‘s internal design & manufacturing capability for PCB, metal enclosures, PCBA & finished products together with integration of third party components.

From Concept to Production
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Sanmina Ornskoldsvik helps customers to get their products to global markets by providing Design, Test Development, New Product Introduction, Ramp-up & Volume Production services.

Multiple Complex Technologies System Build

Sanmina Ornskoldsvik has decades of experience in assembly, integration & test using electro mechanical, fluidics, laser, high power, motion control and electronics technologies.

Diagnostic Systems Manufacturing Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Sanmina enabled outsourcing of complex sub-assemblies by developing, documenting & validating production processes & functional testers. The sub-assemblies were integrated into medical diagnostic systems.

Quality Certifications
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

The facility is FDA Registered, audited regularly and is certified to the following standards ISO 9000, TL 9000,
ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.


Sanmina’s Swedish facility located in Örnsköldsvik provides complete design & contract manufacturing services for electronic PCBAs & complex systems using multiple technologies in industries including medical, industrial, instrumentation & control. The team has decades of experience in mechatronics, fluidics, motion control, alignment & electronics technologies. Swedish & international customers benefit from design, DFX, test, prototype development & new product introduction services. Our Örnsköldsvik facility also provides volume manufacturing of PCBAs & complex systems, access to 75 global facilities & comprehensive supply chain management.

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Consumer Medical Devices


In Örnsköldsvik, design and manufacturing are located in the same facility. This delivers optimum outcomes for turnkey design, joint design and design for manufacturing projects. Learn more about Sanmina’s design capability.

Consumer Medical Devices


Prototype & new product introduction of PCBAs & finished products in Sweden.

Consumer Medical Devices


Experienced in highly complex PCBA manufacture for communications, industrial and medical products.

Consumer Medical Devices


High-level assembly and test of complex medical, industrial and communications systems.

Consumer Medical Devices


Sanmina Örnsköldsvik manufactures electronic products for medical, industrial and defense industries.

Consumer Medical Devices


Direct order fulfillment of finished products to end customers and product repair services.

Consumer Medical Devices


In-circuit test and functional test development for PCBAs and finished products.

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