Industrial Systems
End to End, Integrated Services

20 years experience with turnkey design and manufacturing for industrial and semiconductor systems, enclosures, frames, vacuum chambers, machining, plastics and die casting.

Large Format Machining

An industry leader, Sanmina has 15 years experience with large format machining (up to 3 meters) for assemblies including semiconductor vacuum chambers, precision stainless steel mechanisms, clean technology and industrial components.

Precision Machining and Integration – Oil & Gas

Offering precision machining of well completion tools and other components.

Welded Frames

Design and fabrication of precision welded frames for industrial and semiconductor applications. Mig, Tig and robotic welding. Paint, powder coat and anodized finishes.

Complex Semiconductor System Integration

End to end design, technology, integration and test for complex vacuum systems for semiconductor and LED component processing. Design and production of precision welded frames and vauum chambers. System integration in production clean rooms.

Telecom Frames and Enclosures

20 years experience with the turnkey design and manufacturing of all types of standard and custom telecom, networking and storage enclosures and frames, including thermal, seismic and EMC/RFI design, simulation and validation.

Medical – Large Imaging Systems

Comprehensive design and DFx services for a broad range of medical systems, including turnkey design of enclosures, frames and plastics. Sanmina also specializes in the design mechatronics and all components for CT,MR and X-Ray tables.

Datacenter Racks & Enclosures

Turnkey design of enclosures and racks for a wide variety of storage systems. 20 years experience with thermal, seismic and EMC/RFI design, simulation and validation.

Turnkey Design of Gaming System

Sanmina designed and produces the enclosures, extrusions, plastics and castings for several gaming systems, including these components for the gaming system shown here.

Facilities – Mechanical Systems Division

A comprehensive global footprint, with facilities in every major region offering large format precision machining, enclosures, plastics and die casting. End to end services including component and tool design, analysis and simulation, quick turn prototyping, launch and volume production.

As part of Sanmina’s vision to offer customers complete end-to-end supply chain solutions we’ve developed a suite of industry leading precision machining services. Whatever the size, volume or material of the product, we provide solutions proven to drive down costs and shorten lead times while simplifying the supply chain. And, the more complex the product the better. We manufacture complex products using a very simple philosophy – don’t just make things, make them better. For everyone involved. With four dedicated facilities in Fremont and Newark, California; Austin, Texas; and Suzhou, China, we’re able to advance a customer’s vision by efficiently integrating machining and complex assembly. When it comes to frames, we make products that are reliable and help our customers achieve their vision. We offer cost-effective designs in metal and plastic.




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