SCI is a leading developer and supplier of precision winding and fiber optic tether dispensers. These products are used in guidance and control applications for transmitting video, telemetry and commands bi-directionally over a small fiber optic tether. The SCI family of ruggedized optical cables is ideal for commercial and military applications where endurance in harsh saltwater is required. 

The cables have distinct features such as excellent handling properties, a uniform diameter, cable elasticity, resistant to marine biological attacks, high-specific gravity, and passive and active tension control payout dispensers, in addition to many other qualities. Tethers are packaged in a way that allow for trouble-free high-speed payout and are developed for a wide range of mobile, aerial, underwater, and land applications that require slow-to-supersonic payout speeds. An experienced engineering staff, state-of-the-art payout test facility and dedicated production facility are ready to support any program.

  • Decades of experience in fiber optic research, prototyping, testing and production
  • Military and Commercial fielded
  • In-house design
  • Full production of fiber optic spools
  • Test and winding equipment production
  • Fiber optic cable spools wound to customer specifications
  • Rapid prototyping of tethered systems
  • Full payout testing
  • Advanced understanding of packing mechanics and payout dynamics