SCI has developed an advanced tactical networking intercommunications system (ICS) that leverages our extensive heritage of operating in the Tactical Operation Centers (TOCs) as well as other command post and tactical vehicle platforms. We have refined TOCNET® capability set, and developed TOCNET-Vehicular (TOCNET-V): a system designed specifically to address the complex operational requirements, missions and environments of emerging tactical vehicle platforms.

TOCNET-V is a fully software defined system that combines complex and advanced networking communications into an intuitive, modular family of LRUs that is scalable to the platform mission/variant. From voice to video, whether analog or IP (v4, v6), wired or wireless, no other system provides the dynamic operational flexibility combined with lifecycle upgradability that TOCNET-V brings to the tactical platform. Installed on multiple vehicular platforms within the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, TOCNET-V has proven its modularity/scalability and demonstrated the flexibility to integrate with a wide variety of vehicle systems. SCI continues to invest in the product family with expanded features and capabilities, and is dedicated to ensuring TOCNET-V remains the most advanced communications system on the market.

TOCNET System Discriminators:

  • TOCNET provides unmatched Tactical ICS capabilities including the only NSA certified TOP SECRET Full-Duplex Type 1 Secure Wireless Solution available
  • TOCNET was selected as the U.S. Army standard Command Post Communication System, and continues to be leveraged for modernization of other new and existing platforms
  • TOCNET continues to support other U.S. Army modernization efforts through Network Integration Evaluation (NIE)
  • TOCNET is accredited with Authority to Operate (ATO) on SIPRNet and has Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certified interfaces for various U.S. Army platforms.
  • TOCNET was also selected as the USMC vehicular ICS of choice and is deployed across multiple tactical vehicle platforms
  • TOCNET Systems are inherently interoperable and support joint operations and asset sharing
  • TOCNET is battle tested & proven in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • TOCNET has National Stock Numbers (NSN) assigned to all LRU’s

TOCNET features (partial list):

  • Industry-leading MTBF
  • Instant-on operation
  • Radio bridging and voice cross banding
  • Remote radio control/management
  • SIP and H.323 VoIP
  • IPv4/IPv6/Dual stack networking
  • Conferencing of disparate assets (radios, operators, phones, VoIP, etc.)
  • Multiple operator interfaces including software applications
  • Software based voice and data recorder for mission analysis
  • Network up to 64 TOCNET® systems for platform interoperability
  • Type 1, NSA certified TOP Secret wireless extension for voice