To fill the technology gap for a fully net-centric, IP capable Intercommunication System (ICS), SCI Technology, Inc. (SCI), developed TOCNET® Classic (TOCNET-C). TOCNET-C is SCI’s original off-the-shelf digital intercommunications system (integrated hardware and software) that has been widely deployed across the globe with all branches of the U.S. Armed Services for over a decade. Its advanced hardware platform and software defined architecture enables TOCNET to continue to evolve to meet the needs of the war-fighter of today and tomorrow, and many programs within the DoD are actively modernizing systems with TOCNET-C.

TOCNET System Discriminators:

  • TOCNET provides unmatched Tactical ICS capabilities including the only NSA certified TOP SECRET Full-Duplex Type 1 Secure Wireless Solution available
  • TOCNET was selected as the U.S. Army standard Command Post Communication System, and continues to be leveraged for modernization of other new and existing platforms
  • TOCNET continues to support other U.S. Army modernization efforts through Network Integration Evaluation (NIE)
  • TOCNET is accredited with Authority to Operate (ATO) on SIPRNet and has Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certified interfaces for various U.S. Army platforms
  • TOCNET was also selected as the USMC Vehicular ICS of choice and is deployed across multiple vehicle platforms
  • TOCNET Systems are inherently interoperable and support joint operations and asset sharing
  • TOCNET is battle proven in Iraq and Afghanistan

TOCNET features (partial list):

  • Industry-leading MTBF
  • Radio bridging and voice-cross banding
  • Remote radio control/management
  • SIP and H.323 VoIP
  • IPv4/IPv6/Dual stack networking
  • Conferencing of disparate assets (radios, operators, phones, VoIP)
  • Multiple operator interfaces including software applications
  • Software-based voice and data recorder for mission analysis
  • Network up to 64 TOCNET systems for platform interoperability
  • Type 1, NSA certified TOP Secret wireless extension for voice