SCI’s Integrated Digital Operator Control System (IDOCS) and Modular Integrated Digital Operator Control System (MIDOCS) are the communications arm of the Patriot Missile system. These systems allow communications between the Patriot shelters, both analog and digital. The shelter is configured with one Communications Interface Unit (CIU) and two or four Operator Control Units (OCU). The IDOCS/MIDOCS system provides Ultra High Frequency/High Frequency Radio (UHF/HFR), VHF SINCGARS, Air to Ground Voice Network and Air Defense Coordination Communications. There are approximately 150 IDOCS systems and 50 MIDOCS systems in operation today.

Primary Functions:

  • Provide up to four operators per shelter access to five radios, two EO Battle Circuits, two HEU Battle Circuits, one DNVT Phone Circuit, Monitor, and Intercom functions.
  • Transfer Data (RLRIU, FO DTG, Packet, Phones, FSK modems) over redundant links between shelters and shelter assets.
  • Support operator control of changeable data paths
  • Perform Diagnostics and Report Results