Sanmina Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanmina teams in North America, EMEA & Asia ramp up production of essential medical diagnostic, treatment, monitoring & research components & equipment.

Manufacturing Diagnostic Equipment  

Leading Medical OEMs trust Sanmina to produce enclosures, cable systems, PCBs, PCBAs and systems used to diagnose COVID-19.

Critical Care Ventilation Build and Test  

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies used in ventilators treating critically ill patients are built in Sanmina facilities worldwide.

Build and Test of Patient Monitoring Systems  

In our global network of medical facilities we build and test printed circuit board assemblies and complete patient monitoring systems.

Laboratory Equipment for Research

Manufacturing enclosures and systems required in laboratories around the world helps to accelerate COVID-19 research.

Personal Communications Systems

Personal communications equipment used by first responders, medical personnel and police organizations is manufactured by Sanmina.

Building Data Center Systems & Interconnection 

Sanmina manufactures computing and storage systems for cloud data centers that enable mission critical medical research and modeling. 

Manufacturing Radios Used in Cellular Networks

Leading Telecommunications OEMs trust Sanmina to assemble and test complex 4G and 5G radios used in cellular networks.

Optical Systems Used for Long Haul Connection

Sanmina produces complex optical systems used for long haul transmission of voice and data between major cities.

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

Integrated manufacturing solutions including PCBs, PCBAs, enclosures and systems simplifies telecommunications supply chain management.

COVID-19: Now, More Than Ever – What We Make, Makes a Difference.

As global communities work together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanmina is leveraging its deep manufacturing expertise and global footprint to produce essential products vital to the medical and communications industries.

Sanmina Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanmina teams in North America, EMEA and Asia ramp up production of essential medical and communications products.

Essential Medical Products

Sanmina has been producing medical systems used in professional, primary care and personal use environments for over 25 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanmina medical teams have ramped production of essential products critical for the medical community, including highly-complex diagnostic, treatment, monitoring and research solutions.

Adhering to the highest quality standards and global regulatory requirements, Sanmina has 16 medical facilities worldwide that are ISO 13485 certified and 10 sites that are FDA registered. Our IT and quality management system is developed centrally, deployed globally and audited independently. The quality management system is 21CFR Part 820 and Part 11 compliant. Learn more.

Essential Communications Products

With decades of experience across a broad range of communication solutions, Sanmina is producing essential products that enable mission-critical communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sub-assemblies and systems it produces are used in first responder radios, 5G and 4G cellular networks, optical systems for network infrastructures and computing and storage systems for data centers. Learn more.

Protecting Our Employees

Sanmina’s priority is the health and safety of our employees and we take great pride in the essential work they are performing during this critical time. Our operations around the world abide by all of the protocols issued by local government and health officials and each site is working closely with local authorities as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.