Newisys Announces NVMe Over Fabric Flash Storage Platform Delivering Unprecedented Dynamic System Scalability, Throughput and IOPs

SAN JOSE, California, Aug 7, 2017 – Newisys, a Sanmina (Nasdaq: SANM) product division, today announced its new NDS22482F (Soquel) NVMe Fabric Storage System. This new platform delivers an unprecedented combination of performance, dynamic scalability, low-latency and robust multi-vendor interoperability.

This NVMe over Fabric™ solution will be demonstrated live at the Flash Memory Summit (Santa Clara, CA – August 8-10, 2017) showing what is possible in achieving the industry’s highest performance for a production ready SAN.  This demonstration represents a Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution with interoperability among vendors including Intel NVMe flash drives, Kazan NVMeoF fabric cards, IBM Spectrum Scale (clustered file system), and Mellanox 100Gb Ethernet switches and HBAs.

“Since the initial interoperability testing last year, Newisys has achieved a level of integration with our NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) bridges that puts them on top of the performance leader board,” said Joe Steinmetz, CEO of Kazan Networks.  “This new platform and combined solution delivers a whole new level of performance, scalability and interoperability — which is exciting to our customers and across the market, in general.”

Key Solution Advantages

Record-setting Performance: The Newisys NVMe Fabric Storage System model NDS22482F architecture is non-blocking and delivers 15 million IOPS and 75 GB/s while adding less than 7 microseconds to native SSD latency.  The solution scales both horizontally to increase performance and vertically to increase overall capacity.

New Level of Optimization: The Newisys NDS22482F is optimized to eliminate the latency added by traditional approaches—this is especially important when using solid-state drives (SSDs) with Intel® Optane™ (3D XPoint) technology.

Next-generation Storage Networking: The full performance potential of storage based on non-volatile memory (NVM) is unlocked by connecting the Newisys NDS22482F to switched fabrics using six 100Gb PCIe over Ethernet links, unlike traditional all-flash arrays (AFAs).

Linear Scale-out of Performance and Capacity: Unlimited scale-out is possible with the Newisys NDS22482F, because while every unit connects directly to the storage fabric, all remain centrally managed.

Flexible Management: The system ships with a single or multi-node management interface that enables easy deployment and management at scale in large data center environments.

“Our new NDS22482F platform has the ability to deliver its full performance over Ethernet with full bandwidth and minimal added latency,” said Eugene McCabe, EVP of Newisys.  “This addresses customer use cases ranging from High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), to Big Data Analytics and Big Data Warehousing applications with extreme performance.”

This product is currently in release and production ramp-up, with early orders for test and production systems being accepted now.  The fully functional solution may be seen at Newisys booth #733 in the exhibit hall at the Flash Memory Summit conference, August 8-10, 2017 in Santa Clara, CA.


About Newisys

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About Kazan Networks

Kazan Networks is a privately held startup founded in December, 2014 by storage networking veterans.  The company is located in Auburn, CA.

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