Sanmina Global Services

Providing Logistics and Repair for Mobile and Telecommunications Products

Our Penang, Malaysia facility is strategically located, providing comprehensive forward and reverse logistics for a wide variety of products in Asia. This location offers a range of services including product configuration, software updates, inventory management, returns management, screening, repair and refurbishment — from components to full systems. SGS Penang has over a decade of experience providing engineering services including test development and complex product debug. With sophisticated capabilities such as high density semi-automated BGA (ball grid array) equipment, we are able to develop and deliver repair processes for the most advanced products and provide these and other services across 12 countries in Asia. Learn More…

PCBA & System Assembly

End-to-end Manufacturing Expertise

The Sanmina Penang, Malaysia, facility offers high quality electronics manufacturing in a lower-cost region. Our Penang operation specializes in assembling printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrating complete systems. Whether you need assembly services for set-top boxes, medical products, broadband wireless modems or universal broadband routers, our Penang facility has the technology and capabilities for both high volume and very complex products. Our Penang location can develop advanced manufacturing processes and design test equipment to ensure your product is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Learn More…

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