With experience that spans 15 years, Sanmina adds significant value to every stage of the consumer medical product lifecycle—designing, engineering, documenting, even packaging and delivery. 19 ISO-certified manufacturing facilities are strategically situated around the globe to leverage lower-cost labor and supplies, and to place the customer closer to their end markets.

Product performance is crucial to customer satisfaction.

Blood Glucose Meters.

Last year, Sanmina manufactured more than 10 million blood glucose meters combining expertise in plastics, power components and displays. Automated assembly processes lower customer costs while preserving product quality. Each of our FDA-registered facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia is held to the same stringent standards, assurance that every blood glucose meter Sanmina produces will meet or exceed all quality requirements.


Creating a superior ultrasound product demands critical design, precise engineering and rigorous testing. At Sanmina, we focus on ways to reduce or substitute components, often delivering a substantial savings to our customers. Engineering modifications are recommended to improve performance. And for added value, Sanmina performs in-house phantom testing, with trusted technicians trained and certified to customer specifications. With this dedication and experience, Sanmina is more than a manufacturer. We’re an optimal partner for ultrasound systems.

Complete ultrasound systems, built for accurate performance.

Sanmina builds complete ultrasound imaging systems, from the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to the chassis. To ensure accuracy, we perform our own rigorous testing: PCBA in-circuit test and functional test, and chassis level system test and burn-in test. We produce more than 12,000 units a year, and with five manufacturing facilities situated near emerging markets around the globe, such as China and Singapore, Sanmina is where ultrasound customers want to be.

Ultrasound Therapy
From aiding ocular lens removal to breaking up fats, ultrasound technology offers ever-widening opportunities for therapeutic use. The scientists and engineers on Sanmina’s medical research and development (R&D) team continually explore ways to incorporate this useful technology with customers’ upcoming medical products. Focusing on the future is another way Sanmina supports customer growth.


We’re at the forefront of manufacturing complete patient monitoring systems. Our engineering capabilities consistently improve product functionality and field reliability while reducing costs by as much as one third. Whether a customer requires domestic production or offshore facilities, Sanmina manufactures patient monitoring products to FDA standards in the U.S., Europe or Asia.

Reliable patient monitoring in the home or hospital.


We improve manufacturability of telemedicine products by reducing parts and touch labor counts. Even after introducing such features as Bluetooth, infrared wireless and Ethernet, we’re able to deliver state-of-the-art products that cost 35% less. Our global network of qualified vendors provides pricing leverage and supply chain security.

Vital Signs

For vital signs products, we engineer for superior functionality, outfitting these valuable devices with the most advanced protocols. Every element is manufactured by Sanmina, including the printed circuit boards (PCBs), printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), plastics, displays, power components and functional testers. To ensure reliable field performance, we subject our vital signs products to rigorous testing, then follow up with in-factory sustaining engineering support.

Pulse Oximetry

Sanmina is always seeking efficiencies that benefit customers, and we constantly take the initiative to deliver them. To support one pulse oximetry customer, we invested in obtaining FDA registration of a manufacturing facility in a lower-cost country (LCC). Production now occurs offshore and the customer takes advantage of competitive pricing without incurring unnecessary risk.


Delivering medical imaging products to market most efficiently requires flexible manufacturing options. Sanmina has established numerous gateway facilities, optimal for building a few units under close supervision or in preparation for transferring to high-volume production. By utilizing our broad network of qualified suppliers and end-to-end supply chain solutions, medical customers save as much as 35%.

Advanced solutions for medical imaging systems.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Sanmina is adept at building detector measurement system (DMS) subassemblies. With more than a decade in the field, our expertise encompasses such electro-mechanical supply chain services as machining, motors, and precision gears and shafts. For added customer value, we have the experience and skills to perform complete system deconstruction at our regional repair depots. The ultimate advantage to a Sanmina partnership is end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the quality production of CT systems.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and X-ray

The MRI systems we build contain nearly 200 field replaceable units (FRUs), and every element—from printed circuit boards (PCBs), plastics and enclosures to machined components and functional testers—are readily supplied by Sanmina. That’s an economical bonus for medical customers. The patient tables we design and manufacture consistently satisfy customer requirements for “next level” products. And the dedicated medical engineers on Sanmina’s extensive support team are always exploring ways to competitively enhance upcoming MRI and X-ray products.

Nuclear Medicine

Sanmina builds over 30 different systems, each requiring several hundred assemblies and close to a thousand field replaceable units (FRUs). We work to keep these products in service—and profitable—for customers through an array of repair and refurbishment options. Recently with calculated re-engineering and introduction of current technology, Sanmina transformed a nuclear medicine device into a next-generation model. We also refurbished and delivered it to a different market, expanding the medical customer’s revenue stream.


The precision-engineered, core medical products Sanmina manufactures are utilized every day in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices around the world. We understand the unique complexities of these vital products, and deliver these mission-critical, live-saving products with care. An exceptional quality and regulatory compliance record continues to enhance the long-lasting relationships we share with medical customers worldwide.

Product performance is crucial to customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing the medical products essential to life.

Sanmina’s core medical products provide life-sustaining solutions for critical procedures such as ocular surgery, cardiac patient warming, fecal incontinence surgery, blood handling and processing and respiration and ventilation support. We build complete core medical systems, skillfully employing such advanced technologies as pneumatics, optics, electronics, fluid handling and precision movement. Manufacturing expertise extends to production of the latest energy-based surgical devices using microwave, radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound.

Ultrasound Therapy
From aiding ocular lens removal to breaking up fats, ultrasound technology offers ever-widening opportunities for therapeutic use. The scientists and engineers on Sanmina’s medical research and development (R&D) team continually explore ways to incorporate this useful technology with customers’ upcoming medical products. Focusing on the future is another way Sanmina supports customer growth.


Whether for point-of-care or the laboratory, Sanmina builds complete blood diagnostics systems that reliably deliver accurate diagnoses. Our dedicated medical team helps create the most efficient processes and optimal design for product realization while ensuring compliance with all relevant manufacturing regulations. We expand market reach for customers with FDA-registered facilities situated around the globe.

Product performance is crucial to customer satisfaction.

Advanced blood diagnostics systems, expertly built.

From bench-top products to large floor units, Sanmina skillfully manufactures and assembles every component vital to blood diagnostics systems. Our expertise encompasses printed circuit boards (PCBs), printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), plastics, enclosures and functional testers, plus optics integration, fluid handling and precision motion control. Sanmina successfully performs within aggressive schedules, often taking a new blood diagnostics product from design to market in as little as six months.