Network Hardware Design

We design, manufacture and validate advanced PCBs, enclosures, backplanes, RF and optical transceivers for the world’s fastest communications and network hardware.

Defense & Aerospace

SCI, a Sanmina product division, designs advanced avionics, encrypted communications and other complete systems deployed in platforms including the F15, Apache, C130, MRAP and many other platforms.

Multimedia and Set Top Box Design

For 30 years, Sanmina has designed some of the latest multimedia and set top box products for both satellite and cable services.

Memory Modules & Systems

Viking Technology, a Sanmina product division, designs and produces Non-Volatile Memory, Solid State Drive (SSD), DRAM and High Density Stacked Memory Products.

Custom LED Lighting Design

Sanmina designs and produces a wide range of LED luminaries. Sanmina develops all functional test and burn-in equipment, and has innovative technology for dissipating heat produced by high power LED luminaries.

Turnkey Design of Gaming System

Sanmina has designed the electronics and components for several gaming systems, including the turnkey design of complete systems, consoles, displays, user interfaces, cash machine, control electronics and ticket printer.

RF, Optical and Microelectronic Design

Sanmina is a leader in the turnkey design, advanced interconnect development and production of optical and RF products – fro 100 Gbs optical modulators used in the latest network infrastructure equipment to RF and Satellite electronics.

Design of Storage and Storage Servers

Sanmina’s Newisys division is a leader in the turnkey design and production of custom rack scale storage solutions for high speed computing, streaming video and back up storage products.

Comprehensive Medical Product Design Services

Sanmina’s medical division has a 13485-2003 design registration and extensive experience with product design. Expertise includes disposable therapeutic devices, RF generators, patient monitors, patient tables and more.


Selecting the right design and engineering team is essential to a customer’s success when bringing a new product to market, or when re-launching an existing product with new features. Key success metrics for our customers are time to market and cost to market, which can be negatively impacted if the design proves difficult to manufacture when volume demands hit. A design partner that is well integrated with the manufacturing team will help minimize the risks of time to market and cost to market. At Sanmina, we are committed to providing an extensive range of turnkey, à la carte, and value-added design and engineering services that complement our full system, integrated manufacturing solutions strategy. We are equally committed to protecting a customer’s intellectual property (IP), which is particularly important in the new product development phase for competitive and time-to-market reasons. Sanmina design teams have executed numerous design-build projects for our customers across eight dedicated industries on a global scale. Our design and engineering teams bring value to the product development process by being involved at virtually every stage of the design cycle — from concept through detailed design and prototyping to volume production and end-of-life support. Our value-added services have proven to reduce cost and accelerate time to market.

Array of design, engineering services and technology capabilities

For more than 30 years, Sanmina has invested in a range of component technologies and design engineering capabilities to support our customers’ complex requirements for full-system solutions. The result is an industry-leading portfolio of product development capabilities.


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