If you're into developing products that shape the future of healthcare, welcome to Sanmina Medical. Collaborating with bold thinkers to build products that improve patient outcomes and quality of life is an important part of what we do at Sanmina Medical.


We design, build and service complete medical systems, equipment and products.

Sanmina produces a broad range of laboratory and point of use blood diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, blood separation and handling equipment. We design and manufacture ultrasound systems, CT, MR, nuclear medicine systems, X-Ray systems, patient monitors and medical devices. For over 20 years, Sanmina has been producing high volume consumer medical and disposable medical devices.

Global Footprint and Regulatory Compliance

Sanmina operates 20 ISO 13485 certified medical design and manufacturing facilities. Eight of these facilities are FDA registered. We have medical NPI (new product introduction) and manufacturing facilities in every major region worldwide.

Repair and Refurbishment

Sanmina provides complete repair and refurbishment services for complex medical systems including blood diagnostics systems, CT scanners, X-Ray equipment and many others. We also provide services to manage component obsolescence.


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