Medical: Drug Delivery
45 Million Parts at Under 500 DPPM

Using automation & scientific molding techniques Sanmina manufactures 45 million drug dosage components annually with tolerances of ten thousandths of an inch and a fallout rate of less than 500 DPPM.


Better Quality, Lower Cost

An in-house engineering team designs, develops & programs automation solutions to minimise manual labor, lower cost & maximise scientific molding practises to improve process control.


Multimedia: Phone Covers
Time to Market & Retail Ready

Using a scientific molding approach a cross-functional team took 50 new plastic injection molding tools to production within a week enabling this tier one customer to get to market faster with retail packaged plastic protective phone covers.

Injection Mold Tooling
Design & Manufacture

An in-house team of tool makers & machinists integrated with tool manufacturers in Asia & the United States design & build 100s of molds annually. The in-house team monitors tools on a monthly basis & makes necessary modifications.


Injection Mold Tooling
Mold Analysis

Tooling, materials & manufacturing process engineers analyze temperature, fill rate & pressure using mold flow analysis to optimize mold quality, return on investment & product appearance when designing new tools.

Medical: Drug Delivery
$900K Tool Saving

Tool design using scientific molding techniques and preventative maintenance procedures enabled more than 4 million shots to be achieved saving $900k in high precision tooling costs.

Defense: Law Enforcement
Complex Plastic Design


Beryllium’s high thermal conductivity properties enabled repeatable tool release on a significant number of thin wall sections. Custom air cooling was used to mold core pins 1.5 inches in length with diameters of less then 0.25”.

Plastic Resin Expertise

Sanmina’s engineers have significant expertise in resin materials for a diverse range of resins from the most common like polypropylene to the most challenging in the industry such as PEEK & Polyetherimide.

Medical System Articulating Arm
High Cosmetic Specification


Tooling, manufacturing process & quality engineers designed a lean manufacturing process to minimise handling & meet critical cosmetic specifications on parts up to 0.5M in length used in a medical system articulating arm.

Some of the world’s best known OEMs trust Sanmina to produce their plastic components. Sanmina plastics facilities are equipped with nearly 100 plastic injection molding machines with clamping pressure ranging from 28 tons to 1,000 tons. Our experienced tooling, process, quality and resin engineers work concurrently using a scientific molding approach to develop cost effective, highly reliable manufacturing solutions for medical, industrial, defense, multimedia, computing & data storage customers. Application of scientific molding combined with strategic partnerships with U.S. and Asian toolmakers enables delivery of cost effective very high quality plastic manufacturing solutions.

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