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Sanmina is dedicated to providing custom backplane and printed circuit board (PCB) solutions that deliver performance and value. Whether a customer needs passive, active or high-bandwidth backplanes, our combined backpanel fabrication and assembly drives cost-effective solutions, ensuring performance and reliability.

With more than 450 dedicated design and NPI engineers, plus 1,500+ technical resources strategically located around the world, Sanmina produces the best possible designs through:

Signal Integrity
Our signal integrity-optimized solutions ensure high-speed performance is delivered throughout the interconnect system. Our team of skilled engineers take into account distributed interconnect parameters and subtle EM effects while emphasizing behavior of passive interconnect circuit elements. Effective signal integrity solutions are a fundamental prerequisite in cost-effective manufacturing.

Backplane Fabrication
Speed, flexibility and value. We deliver quick-turn, high-mix and high-technology throughout the world.

Our backplane fabrication capabilities include:

Our specialized test expertise and equipment enables  Sanmina to meet the most demanding deadlines and satisfy the most challenging customer requirements.

Our backplane test capabilities include:

Global Footprint
Our scalable backpanel fabrication and assembly operations serve customers from hundreds of thousands of square feet of manufacturing space in North America, Asia and Europe, with dedicated facilities in San Jose, California, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Kunshan, China.  

Our manufacturing facilities comply with key regulatory requirements for quality and safety, which include:


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