Turnkey Product Design

Sanmina designs a broad range of finished products including the high speed storage server and medical RF generator shown here. Our expertise includes circuit design, sheet metal enclosures, plastics, firmware, product validation and ramp to production.

High Speed Electronics

For 25 years, Sanmina has been developing the technology for high speed communications and computing products. We have developed a core competency with high speed design and signal integrity analysis, with SI labs in multiple locations.

Joint Product Design

Many customers choose to partner with Sanmina for product design. Our customer may design the electronics and software that are complex or involve substantial IP, and have Sanmina design “non-core” electronics, enclosures, plastics and other components, as we did for this gaming system.

DFx, VAVE, Cost Reduction

Customers rely on Sanmina to help them improve product reliability, reduce product cost or improve the robustness of the supply chain with alternate components. Sanmina brings 20 years of design, industrialization and supply chain expertise to your product.

High Speed PCBs, Backplanes

Sanmina is a global leader in advanced PCB, flex circuit and backplane technology. Sanmina has expertise with high speed technologies for communications, networking and computing, along with mission critical PCBs for aerospace, medical and industrial products.

Mechanical Systems Division

Sanmina designs and produces enclosures, precision welded frames, large format machined components and plastics for a broad range of products including semiconductor capital equipment, large format printers, communications, medical and storage products.

Optical & RF Technology

Sanmina develops advanced RF and optical solutions for some of the world’s most innovative companies. We provide product design and development, test engineering, process engineering, and New Product Introduction (NPI) support for component, module and system-level applications.

DFM, Failure Analysis, Reliability

Sanmina provides customers with comprehensive support to help improve product reliability. Our failure analysis labs include the latest equipment including SEM microscopes, EDX, DSC, TGA and X-Ray equipment to debug and diagnose a broad range of PCBA and system level reliability problems.

Test Systems Development

Sanmina has extensive experience designing, programming and implementing complex functional test systems, ICT fixtures, burn-in rooms and RF test equipment.

Product Introduction Expertise

For over 20 years, Sanmina has refined the business processes to introduce and ramp products to volume. We release over 3000 complex finished products and top level assemblies to production each year, based on proven and documented phase gate processes.

Tooling Development

We help our customers with every aspect of product launch, including the development of manufacturing tooling, hard and soft tools for metal fabrication, injection molding tools and a wide variety of in-circuit and functional test tools.

Total Landed Cost

Our customers gain immediate benefits from our global and regional supply chain teams. These include access to qualified suppliers all over the world, supply chain agility programs, component engineering, obsolescence and alternate component identification, along with total landed cost analysis.

One I.T. System Worldwide

All 75 Sanmina facilities operate under a single I.T. system for documentation management, ERP/MRP, component tracability, BTO (Build to Order) and CTO (Configure to Order) processes, minimizing component shortages and facilitating product transfers between Sanmina facilities.

Complex System Manufacturing

Sanmina specializes in manufacturing complex electronic, electro-mechanical and optical products. From advanced medical imaging systems and ATM’s to high speed computing and network hardware, Sanmina has the expertise to produce complex products anywhere in the world.


Sanmina develops and operates complex “no-touch” automated manufacturing and test lines for a broad range of products including medical devices, high volume medical electronics, automotive electronics and other products.

BTO/CTO, Order Fulfillment

In over 25 facilities worldwide, Sanmina provides some of the world’s largest companies with complex system integration, BTO (Built to Order), CTO (Configure to Order) and fulfillment services for products with literally hundreds of hardware and software options and configurations.

Complex Product Repair

Sanmina specializes in repair services for both high volume as well as complex products including large medical imaging systems and blood diagnostics equipment. We provide these services in our network of over 50 repair and service facilities worldwide.


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