Design, Manufacturing,
High-level Assembly

Decades of experience in indoor & outdoor enclosures & racks

Datacenter Racks & Enclosures

20 years experience with the turnkey design and manufacturing of all types of standard and custom data center, computing, networking and storage enclosures and frames, including thermal, seismic and EMC/RFI design, simulation and validation

Industrial Enclosures Design & Manufacturing

Sanmina designed & manufactures an IP, NEMA, seismic & arc flash compliant outdoor rated enclosure for a power inverter application.

Frames & Enclosures

Turnkey design of enclosures and racks for a wide variety of storage systems. 20 years experience with thermal, seismic and EMC/RFI design, simulation and validation.

Smart Locker Systems
Enclosures & Assembly

Sanmina manufactures the metal components & assembles smart locker systems for some of the world’s well known logistics companies

Modular Enclosure Platforms Design

Modular enclosure platforms are one example of how Sanmina helps customers get to market faster at lower cost using pre-designed configurable solutions.

Networking Chassis:
Prototypes in 6 Weeks

Sanmina developed hard & soft tooling for a new network chassis design, mid-plane backplane and delivered prototypes in 6 weeks.

Multimedia Enclosures & Systems

Sanmina MSD manufactures enclosures & systems for a variety of multimedia systems including gaming, kiosks and self-service.

Gaming System
Mechanical Structure Design & Mfg.

Sanmina Sanmina designed and manufactured a mechanical sub-assembly for a gaming system that required large welded frames with parts weighing over 200lbs and an oversize 84“ display.

Medical Enclosure Design
& Manufacturing

Comprehensive design and DFx services for a broad range of medical systems, including turnkey design of enclosures, frames and plastics. Sanmina also specializes in the design of mechatronics and all components for CT, MR and X-Ray tables.

Sanmina is a global leader in design, manufacturing & systems integration of complex racks & enclosures for the world’s best known OEMs. Engineering & design services include enclosures, thermal management, structural analysis, modeling, verification & cabling. Our design & manufacturing expertise includes decades of experience of custom cabinet designs for both indoor & outdoor applications using materials like stainless steel, mild steel & aluminum. Sanmina also provides pre-designed modular & configurable systems for IT, datacenter, networking, computing & storage applications. Our global footprint provides enclosure manufacturing services for industrial, medical, capital equipment, self-service, multimedia & gaming applications in all major regions of the world.

Product applications include:

  • Switchgear cabinets, power inverters, power distribution & management
  • IT racks for data centers, computing, storage and telecoms applications
  • Control cabinets and signaling enclosures for transportation systems
  • Industrial controls, 3D printers, ATMs, kiosks, gaming systems
  • Test & measurement, security and safety, semiconductor equipment







Sanmina builds sheet metal enclosures, chassis and internal assemblies that meet exact customer specifications and adhere to international quality standards and IP classifications. Our target markets include industrial, clean technology, communications infrastructure, enterprise computing & storage, multimedia and medical.

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