Did You Know?

Surgical Fiber Optic

A tier one medical company needed to improve the performance of a fiber-optic surgical light system and move production to an ISO 13485 certified low cost location. Sanmina’s fiber optic design and manufacturing expertise delivered 40% increase in LUX output and 25% cost reduction.

International Space Station

When MDA wanted to re-imagine a new approach to low-cost, weight-optimized space-based Synthetic Aperture Radars, they partnered with Sanmina’s Optical and Microelectronic Division to define, design and build a disruptive new Transmit/Receive Module (TRM) design.


Sanmina 4.0 combines industry 4.0, lean principles & advanced global IT systems to deliver value to customers in key areas including accelerating time to market, flexible demand management, simplifying the management of complex global supply chains, optimized cost & quality.

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