Information Kiosk

Sanmina manufactures and tests the PCBA, cable interconnect system & performs the system level assembly for this state of the art information kiosk with touch screen & web connectivity


Point of Sale Terminals

Sanmina has designed and produced a broad range of point of sale terminals over the past 15 years. Our expertise includes magnetic, smart card and wireless NFC design, product verification and volume production.



Multimedia & Set Top Box Design

For 30 years, Sanmina has designed some of the latest multimedia and set up box products for both satellite and cable services.



Digital Audio Products

Sanmina designed and delivered this series of digital audio book products, providing turnkey design, plastics, manufacturing, content loading and order fulfillment.



Mobile Communications

Prototype to launch in nine months. Sanmina provided design for manufacturability support, global manufacturing and developed the test systems for this roaming internet access product.

Consumer Medical Products

Sanmina designed and produces the device shown here, intended to detect potential middle ear infections. Sanmina also designed the plastic injection mold tooling and in-store packaging.

Consumer Electronic Products

Providing turnkey design and global manufacturing services for products like these aesthetic skin care products. Design expertise includes all plastics development, hardware design, firmware and software development, functional test development, product launch and volume manufacturing.

Microelectronics and Miniaturization

With 20 years experience in miniaturization of products from advanced disk drives to digital cameras and miniature battery systems, Sanmina provides a fully integrated design and interconnect technology and process development capability.

Custom LED Lighting Design

Sanmina designed and launched the LED lighting products shown here, including all electrical, thermal and mechanical design. The test and burn-in equipment shown was also developed and built by Sanmina.

Fully Automated Production

With several “no touch” automation lines in operation today, Sanmina produces millions of electronic and disposable products each year. Sanmina also designs fully automated calibration and test equipment for high volume products.

Sanmina is a strong partner to the world’s leading multimedia Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with a clear focus of delivering quality, flexibility and value. We offer new product design services, complete systems manufacturing and order fulfillment to provide cost-effective, end-to-end supply chain solutions for the world’s most innovative consumer, lifestyle, gaming, and payment services companies. We’re focused on home entertainment, personal lifestyle and other multimedia devices that include:

  • Set-top boxes, cable and satellite receivers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Cinematography, digital cameras
  • Casino gaming systems and electronics
  • Global positioning systems
  • Portable media/audio players, digital audiobooks
  • E-Book readers and devices
  • Point-of-sale terminals, kiosks and automated retail vending systems
  • Motion sensors for lighting, temperature and smart home devices
  • Chargers, battery systems and power supplies

We have the product experience and global presence to help you reduce cost, accelerate time-to-market and simplify supply chains.


ATM machine


LED lighting


multimedia case studies

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