Defense & Aerospace
Manufacturing Services

  • PCB, PCBA, Cables, Machining
  • Design & Manufacturing.
  • AS9100 & NADCAP Compliant Facilities World-wide.
  • ITAR Compliant U.S.A. Facilities

PCB, PCBA Manufacturing

Sanmina manufactures electronics for defense applications including avionics, communications, encryption, mission control, guidance, radar and night vision.

PCB, PCBA Manufacturing

Sanmina manufactures electronics for applications including instrument landing systems, avionics, flight instrumentation, fuel consumption, door controls, RF & satellite communications, radar, in-flight entertainment, passenger interfaces & seat controls.

Avionics: Actuator Control PCBA
Rigid Flex PCB, Conformal Coating

Sanmina manufactures a rigid-flex circuit with 8 rigid layers & 6 flex layers. The rigid-flex PCBA with small form factor, challenging bend radii & Mil-circular aerospace connectors is assembled in an ITAR compliant facility.

Software Defined Radio

Sanmina PCB & PCBA engineers provided DFX recommendations to optimize manufacturing for this complex 16 layer RF technology PCBA. A custom fixture enabled consistent connector alignment during PCBA manufacture.

Complex MPAR RF Technology
PCB, PCBA, Test Engineering

Sanmina assisted a well known OEM to overcome MPAR technology challenges in the manufacturing & test of a complex PCBA with mixed laminate material, buried & blind vias, precise RF frequencies & 2,500+ components.
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Complex Avionics PCBAs
Faster Time-To-Market & Lower Cost

Sanmina helped a tier one avionics OEM achieve faster time to market at lower risk & volume manufacturing in a low cost region volume. The program included 60 complex PCBAs with volumes ranging from 1 – 700 per year.
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Complex Avionics PCBAs Lower Cost & Inventory

A tier one avionics company lowered inventory by $5M & converted $10M of fixed to variable cost by outsourcing 200 high complexity PCBAs with long form factor & conformal coating in volumes ranging from 5 to 5,000 per year. Learn More


Sanmina operates 15 AS9100 certified, 13 ITAR compliant and 6 NADCAP compliant defense and aerospace manufacturing facilities worldwide. We have defense and aerospace NPI (new product introduction) and manufacturing facilities in every major region.
Sanmina is trusted by some of the world’s best known defense and aerospace companies to manufacture enclosures, PCBs, cables systems, PCBAs, and the electronics required for complex mission critical avionics, communication, control and security systems.


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