At Sanmina, we’ve built a rich history of developing advanced RF and optical solutions by partnering with some of the world’s most innovative companies. Leveraging more than three decades of expertise in Optical, RF and Microelectronics, we provide product design and development, test engineering, process engineering, and New Product Introduction (NPI) support for component, module and system-level applications. We also manage all aspects of product manufacturing, along with implementing product-sustaining and cost-reduction strategies.

We’ve developed a library of design models including manufacturing process variations that reduces risk in the product design phase. This allows us to refine our simulation models to accurately predict performance and yields before the first prototype is built, speeding time-to-market. This is what we refer to as “Solutions Acceleration IP”.

Our end-to-end supply chain, manufacturing processes, tests, and tools – all custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements – ensure the highest possible quality and performance standards while always respecting your IP.

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