Vending Machine
Global Industrialization

Sanmina designed the cable interconnect system, conducted a PCBA & enclosure design for manufacture analysis & manufactures the complete system in a low cost location.

Automotive Cable System
Time To Market

Sanmina helped an automotive OEM meet their time to market goals by delivering prototypes within six weeks. The complex automotive cable system design used 1.5km of cable & had 700+ point to point connections.

Industrial Control System
10 Day Lead-Time

Sanmina implemented a supply chain & lean manufacturing solution to consistently achieve a 10 day system delivery despite component lead-times of 34 weeks, 1,000s of configurations & multiple complex technologies.

Power Inverter Re-design & Manufacturing

Together with our customer Sanmina fundamentally changed the system design & manufacturing approach from an intensive connection by connection process to a sub-panel fast connect / disconnect design.

Sanmina’s end-to-end services add tremendous value in areas like design, design for manufacture, global industrialization, time-to-market, cost reduction and supply chain design to achieve short lead-times.

These case studies demonstrate how Sanmina helped customers:

  • Accelerate time to market for an automotive cable system
  • Design a vending machine cabling interconnect system in 2 months
  • Modularize a power inverter system interconnect design
  • Achieve a 10 day lead-time through supply chain redesign



Interconnect Redesign Reduced Manufacturing Cost by 25%

A leading multinational power system company had to reduce product cost for a 4mW inverter. The system design and manufacturing approach were fundamentally changed from a labor intensive process to a sub-panel fast connect/disconnect design.



Vertical Integration & Supply Chain Expertise Enable 10 Day Delivery

A tier one industrial controls OEM was struggling to meet customer demand for their family of complex electromechanical controls. Sanmina redesigned their global supply chain to consistently achieve a 10 day system delivery.



Camera systems are beginning to replace mirrors in automobiles. They need to be demisted & operational in less than a minute. As more and more electronics are used in automobiles, power budgets have become critical design criteria. Sanmina designed an innovative solution.



Designed & Prototyped in 8 Weeks

A leading automotive OEM needed a high definition camera interconnect system developed using a new connector. They required rapid design and prototype delivery. Sanmina delivered complete prototypes in 8 weeks.


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